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Who is Adeunis ?


You have to measure something to know, but how do you measure today?

Adeunis specializes in the development and production of "connected devices" and ready-to-use wireless solutions aimed to IoT (Internet Of Things) in B2B sectors.

With over 20 years of experience within the IoT business, Adeunis offers a technological solution for your IoT needs. Together we always try to find the best solution for you.

Whether you want to measure energy consumption, manage a building, check the level of a tank or want to be notified when a machine is stuck, we always have solutions and services that meet your most diverse needs.

This with the latest technologies and innovative solutions and using the private or public IOT networks.

Advantages of Adeunis:

  • Use of the latest technologies & innovative approach
  • With emphasis on quality and customer focus
  • Already many years of experience
  • Coupled with the desire to move forward with respect for the environment

Sectors in which Adeunis operates:

  • Building management
  • Security
  • Energy management
  • Technical management: monitoring machine and environmental parameters
  • Multi service management
  • Remote measurement
  • Optimization of processes and services
  • Industrial performance
  • Events and alarms
  • Equipment management and control
  • Decision making tools

Adeunis products:

  • Sensors for different IOT technologies :
    • LoraWan, Sigfox, M-Bus
    • Even for ATEX environments
    • Following measurements are possible :
      • Impuls
      • Electric current
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Contacts
      • Level
      • 4-20 mA
    • Repeater
    • Test device for signal strength Lora / Sigfox
  • Radiocommunication
  • Communication via RS232 / RS485 of USB port Range up to 20 km
  • Gateway for MBus
Products Adeunis