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AIC Tech (Hitachi AIC)

Who is AIC Tech?

AIC Techproducts

A pioneer in the development of new technologies, with the highest degree of reliability on existing technologies.

With more than 65 years' experience in 'capacitors' and the constant desire to raise technology standards and quality to a higher level, AIC Tech, the former Hitachi AIC, has become an absolute market leader. Their main reason for this position is that they keep the technology of 'anoide foil development' and their production in-house.

With a failure rate of less than 0.5 percent, AIC Techhas the highest reliability in the market for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This emphasizes their continuous drive towards the highest possible quality.

In addition, they always try to push the technical limits and set new standards. Both the development of technologies for nominal voltages in the range of 550 and 600 VDC and the combination of 400V nominal voltage and 50mF in single case are milestones that AIC Tech has written to its name.

Benefits of AIC Tech :

  • Highest reliability within their market
  • Latest technologies
  • Long lifetime
  • Ultra-compact
  • Large CV value
  • High permissible ripple current
  • High rated voltage
AIC Tech in solar inverters.

Sectors in which AIC Tech is active:

Wherever a long lifespan is of great importance, the AIC Tech capacitors are chosen.

Where the lifetime of the product depends on the quality of the capacitor, AIC Tech is always the first choice.

  • Professional power supplies for industrial, scientific and medical applications
  • Static frequency inverters / servo drives
  • Traction drives and auxiliary inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Energy buffer for textile machines and electrical cutter-knife drives
  • Wind generators
  • Solar inverters

AIC Tech products :

  • Aluminium Elektrolytic capacitors
    • Snap-In capacitors:
    • Screw type Capacitors 
      • 85°C Serie :  VF -VFL – FX2 – FX3 – HCGW – HCGW2 – HCGW3 – HCGF5 – HCGF6 – VFR – VFLR – FXR Series
      • 105°C Serie : VG – VGL – HCGH – VGR – VGLR series
    • Board Mount Capacitors
      • 85°C Serie :    PS2 series
      • 105°C Serie : US2 series
    • Radial Capacitors
      • 105°C Serie :  HU – HL – XL series
  • Film Capacitors:
    • MLC – MKC-P4 – MX-EC – MML-E – MML-F – MDDSA – MDD-HD(4) – MDD-HD(4HS) – MDD-P(4) – MDD-HF – MDD-P – MTB-P – MTBS/MTB -  WMTB – WMTB-P – MKC-JS – MLC – MKC-P4
AIC Tech products