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Who is Atesys?

Atesys products

Need power and energy drink does not work for your machines? Try the Atesys products.

Atesys already has 30 years of expertise in the power and high-voltage domain. They specialize in the research, design and development of components for applications in different domains that require energy and power.

Initially started with the development of capacitors, they have further extended this range with transformers, coils and electronics solutions in that context.

In addition to these products, Atesys also offers a wide range of services. This not only in the electrical, climatic and vacuum testing sectors, but also in the molding of components for particularly harsh environments.

Advantages of Atesys:

  • progressive research and development.
  • Many years of expertise
  • Custom made designs
  • ...
Master Chips uses Atesys products for the TGV.

Sectors in which Atesys operates:

Atesys' products are certified for medical applications.
  • Medical sector
  • Defence
  • Railways
  • Industry
  • Other applications that require energy and power components

Atesys' products

- High voltage condensers
- Pulse formers
- Delay lines
- High-voltage systems
- Monophase transformers
- High voltage transformers
- Three-phase transformers
- Low and high frequency transformers
- Self-inductions
- Special products: Monitoring of animals
- Specific industrial electronics
- High voltage test lab
- Resin coating: poly-urethane UL94-v0-epoxy-smoke fire NF16-101

Atesys products