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Who is Atim?

Atim products

Radio Communication? With Atim not only to listen to music.

Atim has been a designer and development expert in radio communication since 1992. This includes radio modems, RF modules and radio frequency research.

As a leader in the radio transmission, ATIM helps their customers to turn their written wishes into physical reality. Their core business is RF, the design of modules and systems that integrate wireless technologies.

Atim has a pioneering role in connected systems (LPWAN networks), with in particular the very first applications that were connected with Sigfox, and now also the LoRa® technology.

Advantages of Atim:

  • Customer proximity & Customer support by a specialized team
  • Quality
  • Unique knowledge of RF communication through years of experience


Atim radio modems are used in a wide range of applications, such as humidity meters, water leak detection and all kinds of remote measurements.

Sectors in which Atim is active:

With Atim you can be sure to have an expertise for developing your application in which RF communication is embedded.
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Smart city
  • Sports and events
  • Energy
  • Customization


Products of Atim:

  • Radiomodules & Extension cards
    • 2 formfactors : ARM-Nano & ARM-Pico
    • Available in the following technologies: Sigfox, LoraWan & M2M.
    • using the extension cards you can connect eg micropc's, pc's or Arduino to Sigfox or LoraWan in just a few seconds.
  • Cloud Wireless products (ACW)
    • Make it possible to measure in the following domains:
      • Indoor and outdoor temperature (aswell analog als digital)
      • Humidity 
      • Motion
      • Water, gas & elektricity
      • Filling degree
      • Leakage
      • ….
    • I/O monitoring
      • Take action on certain events 
  • Advanced Radio Modem (ARM)
    • Works on ISM frequencies
  • Extra’s
    • Testers for Lora and Sigfox
    • Cables & antennas
Atim is a pioneer in RF modules