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Who is Brandner?

Brandner products

Many requirements in terms of power and no standard products available? Brandner can save you!

As a small German company, Brandner specializes in (encapsulated) power supply, switching regulators with and without galvanic isolation and high voltage converters. This is both standard and customer-specific designs. Where other (large) companies say that they cannot offer certain things, Brandner goes that extra mile and looks for the best solution for the customer.

Benefits of Brandner:

  • Customization, even for the most difficult projects
  • All products have been developed and made within the Brandner group
  • Solid German quality (ISO 9001 certified)
The Brandner converters deliver unique performance in trains and rolling stock.

Sectors in which Brandner is active:

Brandner's solar converters are very popular.
  • Industry
  • Radio and Telecommunication
  • Computer industry
  • Rolling stock

Brandner products:

  • DC/DC -convertors, with galvanic separation
    • Series SI / DH / SV
  • Vehicle converters
    • Serie SV
  • High voltage converters
    • Serie HV
  • High isolation separation converters
    • Serie HI
  • Switched power supplies and voltage regulators
    • Serie HI
  • High power converters (fuel cells)
    • Serie SV 
  • Power supplies
    • Serie PR
  • Customer-specific designs
Brandner products