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Who is Cactus?

Products of Cactus

How is it possible that the black box of an airplane always keeps all information even though an airplane has crashed? Because of the reliability of the CACTUS memory cards.

Master Chips has been the official distributor for Cactus Technologies for many years. They develop almost 15 years of industrial memory cards in all shapes and sizes. This makes them one of the absolute pioneers in industrial data storage.

With the following slogan Cactus makes clear in one key sentence what they stand for:

"Manufacturing the world's most reliable Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices for applications where failure is not an option."

Robustness and reliability, so, just what we at Master Chips also strive for.


Benefits of Cactus:

  • Highest quality and reliability
  • Complete range of both SLC as MLC technologies
  • True BOM (Bill-Of-Material) Control: guarantee that the product will always remain the same
  • Market leader in the industrial grade flash storage segment.
  • Long life cycle
  • Experts in sales support
  • Customization: Your wishes not in the standard range? Do not hesitate to contact us in function of your wishes.
  • Can differ from extreme temperature
  • Post-sales support applications: If problems always help you as quickly as possible



Cactus has no problems with extreme temperatures

Sectors in which Cactus is active:

Cactus is the market leader in the Industrial Grade Flash Storage segment. Their products continue to work even in the toughest environments, such as chemicals, mining, automotive, aviation, ..
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Gaming
  • Health sector
  • Telecom
  • Locomotive
  • Heavy industry
  • Displays
  • ...

Products of Cactus:

Industrial Grade (SLC Grade)

  • USB Interface
    • USB Flash Drive: Series 100 / Series 300
    • USB Disk-On-module: Series 100
  • SD Interface
    • SD Card: Series 806 / Series 808
    • SDChip: Series 806
    • MicroSD: Series 803M
  • SATA Interface SSD
    • CFast: Series 900S
    • mSATA: Series 900S
    • Slim SATA Series 900S
    • SATA II SSD: Series 900S
    • SATA III SSD: Series 910S
  • ATA/IDE Interface
    • CompactFlash: Series 203 / 303 / 503
    • PC card: : Series 203 / 303
    • IDE Disk-On-Module: : Series 203 / 303
    • IDE SSD: Series 203 / 303 / 503

OEM Grade(Pseudo MLC Grade)

  • SATA III SSD: Series 245S
  • M.2: Series 245S
  • mSATA: Series 245S
  • CFast: Series 245S
  • SD Card: Series 245

Commercial Grade (MLC Grade)

  • SATA III SSD: Series240S
  • SATA III SSD: Series 230S
  • M.2(2260): Series 240S
  • Slim SATA: Series M220S
  • mSATA: Series 240S
  • CFast: Series 240S
  • Micro SD: Series 240M
  • SD Card: Series 240
  • CompactFlash: Series 240
Cactus products