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Who is Clairitec?

The Clairitec HMI (Human Machine Interface) displays bundle hardware, software and service

Need a display with innovative visualization software? Be sure to check out the Clairitec product range.

As a supplier of HMI displays and I / O controllers, Clairitec already has more than 20 years of experience.

This goes from the hardware to the software such as eg visualization / graphic software. With this software they want to distinguish themselves from the competition. They try to improve it again and again by integrating the most innovative techniques

However, this French company also provides services tailored to each client. Everyone can choose which service level they choose, ranging from none to full support services.

Benefits of Clairitec :

  • Innovative graphic displays
  • Customer satisfaction is central
  • Wide assortment consisting of hardware, software and services
  • Fully customizable
  • Flexibility and adaptability within a limited period of time
  • High quality components (ISO 9001)
  • Long life cycle
The Clairitec programmable intelligent display includes an integrated HMI-IO board with a graphics processor and separate memory for the graphical user interface. The TFT display and touchscreen is also directly connected to the Clairitec board.

Sectors in which Clairitec is active:

Clairitec offers a full range of HMI displays for the most diverse applications.
  • Industry
  • Medical sector
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Smart living

Products from Clairitec:

  • Programmable intelligent displays
    • Programmed in C programming language
    • Ready-to-use displays and controller panels with which devices can be controlled in a direct way via the integrated inputs and outputs
  • Intelligent Display Modules
    • Add a touchscreen Human machine interface to your devices quickly and easily.
    • Connected to the motherboard via serial connection (RS232, CAN2.0B, USB).
    • Contains integrated HMI card and storage memory.


Clairitec products