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Who is Sierra Wireless?

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Transformation to a connected economy? Sierra Wireless can help you with that.

As an IoT pioneer, Sierra Wireless wants to give businesses and industries the opportunity to transform into a 'connected economy'. To that end, building innovative wireless solutions is their main goal, and they also see this as their 'DNA'.

With over 24 years of experience in the IoT market, Sierra Wireless is known for its innovative products and solutions that already connect thousands of businesses with critical data and millions of people with information. Their products help customers to enter the market faster and thus lead to saving lives, reducing carbon emissions, or making neighborhoods safer.

Benefits of Sierra Wireless:

  • Product expertise + 400 patents
  • Annual 75 million R & D Budget
  • No. 1 market share in embedded modules
  • Leading device-to-cloud portfolio


The IoT solutions from Sierra ensure that the first aid is quicker on the spot.

Sectors in which Sierra Wireless is active:

Thanks to wireless remote monitoring from Sierra, fuel tanks can be refilled up to 48% more efficiently.
  • Smart meter producers
  • Smart grid
  • Security service providers
  • Police / ambulances
  • Transport (Buses / trains / car / other)
  • PC & tablet producers


Sierra Wireless products:

  • Routers
    • Airlink LX40 LTE Router
    • Airlink LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router
    • Airlink MP70 High Performance Vehicle Router
    • Airlink MG90 High Performance Multi – Network Vehicle Router
  • Gateways
    • Airlink ES450 Enterprise Gateway
    • Airlink RV50 Industrial LTE Gateway
    • Airlink GX450 Mobile Gateway
    • FX30 Programmable IoT Gateway Datasheet
  • Software
    • AirVantage IOT Platform
Sierra Wireless Products