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Master Chips was given a new look!

Submitted by Yves on Fri, 11/09/2018 - 14:20
Master Chips Logo

Master Chips was given a new look!

Dear reader,

You may have noticed or not, but the last months we have been working a lot! In addition to several new product lines, we also decided to give our website and logo a refurbishment. Our new logo has been ready for some time and was already partially used in our communication with customers. Today we are pleased to announce that our website has also been completely renewed, and is now live. Be sure to surf to and let us know what you think! For the interested ones, below some more information about our new logo and website:


Logo Master Chips




We gave our communication agency 'Mink' the assignment to design a new logo, taking into account that this had to be based on the previous logo, but with a modern look?

After a selection procedure, we opted for the above logo with accompanying slogan.
This logo contains a few things that people do not think about or see at first sight. More specifically, some things are visible in the orange part of our logo:

  • Those who look closely will see the letters IOT included in this. Master Chips has been offering an IOT range for a whole period. For the future, this market will continue to grow, and Master Chips wants to focus on this.
  • The orange unit also forms an antenna. This stands for all forms of communication offered by Master Chips. From radio communication, RFID, to the latest Narrow Band networks, we have it in our range!
  • WE MAKE THINGS WORK FOR YOU”. With this we indicate that we want to help our customers to do their business. This can be done by integrating our products as optimally as possible, but also by helping with our knowledge where we can.
  • POINT behind our slogan. This point completely fills the O or the open dot on the I. With this we want to indicate that we always want to put the finishing touches on the I.



Maste Chips' oplossingen

The website was completely renewed. Nevertheless, we have retained the strengths of our previous website, and each supplier has received his own page with a brief explanation and the products we distribute. We have also divided our range into 5 categories, each category can be accessed separately and also make a link with our products and activities that can be done on the basis of our products.

To make it as easy as possible for our visitors, we also added a product matrix, which can be used to link our offered products with the suppliers.

Master Chips productmatrix

Because one look says more than 1000 words, we kindly invite you to visit our website. Let us know for sure what you think!