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Go together with Master Chips to Industry 4.0

Master Chips offers intelligent solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Master Chips follows all developments in the industry and certainly those that concern Industry 4.0. As a result, our product range has evolved from pure electronic components to industrial automation products and even complete automation systems.

With our partner Beck we have a product range that mainly focuses on machine and control engineers, system integrators, PLC programmers and end-users of production installations and building technology.

Master Chips gives you the opportunity to gain experience with the commissioning of integrating industry 4.0 solutions of sensors, actuators and process data in the Cloud and also to set up a local OPC UA server.

The establishment of first applications in the Com.Tom Cloud is also practically implemented. It is a great start to digitize your business process and the integration of IoT data into existing systems of your company.

In addition to the earlier PLC-oriented technology, Master Chips also has a complete range of industrial PCs, Box PCs and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) such as screens and TOUCH SCREEN panels.

With a focus on sustainable development and a high degree of engineering, Christ Electronic Systems GmbH focuses on innovative hardware and software products in the industrial computer segment. The design and characteristics of the latest smartphones and Tablet PCs form the basis of its own product portfolio.

Both systems can be perfectly connected to each other to collect worldwide data according to the new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and industry 4.0!

Who are our partners ?



BECKLogo Beck

  • CPU with IO
  • CPU with Communication
  • CPU with field busses
  • Decentralized periphery
  • HMI Displays



CHRIST ElektronikLogo Christ Elektronik

  • Touch monitors
  • Industrial PC's and Extenders
  • Touch Panel PC's
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Software




  • Controller
  • I/O modules DIN RAIL-UX
  • Digital outputs AC/DC
  • Digital outputs DC/Relays
  • Analog in- and outputs
  • Temperature
  • thermostats and sensors
  • Touch Screen panels, sensors included
  • HMI Panels 4” and 7”, Gateway en control function includedLogo Clairitec